7 Global Consumer Trends. How to attract new customers.

Having a super wide variety of services, a hight quality product and a friendly competent staff … but sometimes this is not enough. Do you know how to attract new customers and keep regulars? Have you ever wondered what your customers need and how you can offer it? Knowing the customers and anticipate them, may […]

7 Tendencias del consumidor global

Tener una carta de tratamientos súper amplia, un producto de calidad, un personal amable…  a veces no es suficiente ¿Sabes como atraer nuevos clientes y mantener a los habituales?       ¿Te has preguntado que es lo que tus clientes necesitan y cómo puedes ofrecérselo? Conocer a nuestros clientes y anticiparnos, es la clave […]

6 tips to fill your wellness center in Summer

The hotel is filled ,  the beach burst, the pool loungers are reserved from early but our beautiful spa practically empty … We a haver  heard the comment “Oh what a  heat, so I do not want anything to use the spa” … Sounds familiar? You want to increase profitability and revenues also your spa during warmer […]