Natalia Galán

My professional career

I’m Business Administration and Tourism tourism Degree, by UMA, Tourism School University of Malaga, in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

I have over 12 years working in the tourism sector and especially in the hotel.

I’ve  developed various assignments within various departments, companies and even different cities, which gave me a complete overview of the sector.

Since 2005 I have my first contact with the  Spa and Wellness world that  suddenly fascinates me.

In 2007,  I  made my first   Wellness center Opening,  in the city of Valencia.

Since then I have worked as a spa manager in a well known company , I’ve started new spas,  collaborated in training of other spas,

I ‘ve been speaker at roundtables, also teacher in a course  of the Florida University.

(You can find more on Linkedin)

I keep always update to the new  development of the sector, as well as everything the Internet can offer in the world of marketing and distribution.  Now I decide to share my reviews through this blog,that  I hope you enjoy.

Also I put my knowledge and experience at your disposal, as independent consultant. Some articles and interviews in which I participated


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