Kerala. Journey to the tradition and Ayurveda’s origin

Kerala in India, Tradition,  beaches and backwaters

Legend tells that Kerala was born when  Parashurama,  avatar of the god Vishnu, who threw his ax into the sea, and from this appeared the fertile land in the midst of the waters.

Its tropical climate tempered by the sea, between 24 to 28 degrees, a large coastline of beautiful and quiet beaches. A lush, exotic flora and fauna, along with the extensive plantations of coffee, tea and rice fields, and of course the ancient knowledge of the Ayurvedic techniques, with many spa centers and resort, have made him one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Asia.

Famous also are the backwaters or mangroves, a network of canals and lakes, surrounded by jungle and coconut trees. Where you can  go canoeing for shorter distances,  or cruise in a houseboat for longer distances between cities.  Highlights the route from Kochi to Alleppey. In some of these houseboats you can even overnight.

                                                                             Water Bach. Kollan

A bit of history and geography, Kerala also known as Keralam is an Idian state located on the Malabar coast.

It is established as a state in 1956 with the  regrouping of several Malayala speaking regions. With capital Trivandrum  in the south of the state.
It is one of the most advanced societies of India. With a very high literacy rates , and one the lowest   rates of infant mortality and  the highest life expectancy rates,  among   India. Cities are also  a little cleaner than the rest of the country.

                                                                                       Map of India

State in southwest India, bounded on the west by Arabian Sea, and to the east by the Ghats mountains (altitude 500-2700m), is also crossed by  44 rivers.

This very special geography, with mountains acting as a natural border, has allowed its people to preserve their traditions rooted through the centuries, which is reflected both in daily activities such as fishing gear (Chinese networks) or the typical South kitchen. And also in their artistic performance such  as music, dance, painting … and of course in the knowledge of ayurveda.

For centuries, Ayurveda has been for the people their only option for curing diseases and in every home they grown herbs for ayurvedic home remedies. Anecdotally, even elephants in Kerala enjoy a massage and ayurvedic diet during monsoon (from June to September.
                                                                           Elephant taking a bath

It also has some excellent  pantries, in their tropical forests are born over 900   type of ayurvedic herbs and medicinal plants and  in Agasthyakoodam, is a biosphere reserve in the south, there are some  more rarevarieties , some are endemic or native to the region.

                                                                             Plantations Munnar

Kerala Ayurvedic tradition goes back some five thousand years ago. Here their skills and knowledge has been secretly preserved for generations and now and here some of the world’s most experienced professionals share their knowledge of Ayurveda healing.

In addition we can enjoy in Kerala the  ayurveda medicine in all its aspects, from the most economical to  the most exclusive luxury resorts, including beauty treatments, relaxing massages, diets or Ayurvedic medicine clinics.

I explain more in next post, I also love to hear your experiences.


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