The world’s most unique Spas. Design and relax

The world’s most unique spas.

For thousands of years thermal water has been used as a source of health and wellness. In recent years the popularity that spa centers have suffered and the increase number of users, have led to many changes in the welfare sector.

  • There is a tendency of standardization or  approach to users, Spas used to be retreat spas and clinics, usually far from cities.  It begins with the creation of the  “day spa” or “urban spas” and continuing with such original formulas to introduce wellness in our daily lives, such as spas in airports, train stations and more recently also inside the shopping centers.


Some examples of this trend in Spain are the spa in Barajas airport spa de  el aeropuerto de Barajas, or  recently Spaxion  a spa brand The Corteingles centers.

  • There is another trend very different from previous, and that is spa centers  differentiated by its uniqueness, either because of their location, the original design, or the services they offer. Some of the world’s strangest spas are:
  1. The Bota Bota in Montreal,  Canada. This is a five-storey authentic Ferry, created in the 50s and carried passengers between Berthieren Sorel, Quebec. This ferrry actually moored, has its own spa water circuit, a cuidade treatments list and also offers other relaxation therapies such as yoga on the deck.
  2.  The Lime Spa at Huvafen Fushi Male, India.  at Huvafen Fushi Male, India. It is the world’s first underwater spa. While you are having your  treatment you can  enjoy the relaxing view of the ocean, and spa decoration recalls coral seabed
  3.   The Iodine salt caves, Galos Cave in Chicago, is a resort that offers guests a microclimate that mimic the healing effects of the Black Sea.

4. The Hotel and Spa The Tschuggen Bergoase. This center features remarkable design by architect Mario Botta. Located  amidst the Swiss mountains, it mimics plant and tree forms. In  addition being  a glass building provides a lots of light and allows  to relax with the privileged view of the rugged mountains.

5. Floating Gardens – SpaWellness created by the architectural firm danesess  Studio Noach and Anne Holtrop.  These gardens have been developed to float in the lake near the city of Amsterdam, using recycled materials forit’s construction. Biotype is a floating sustainable with a coating plant, which produces oxygen and creates a perfect natural environment.

This is certainly exceptional environments, where you can enjoy relaxation and wellbeing.
Do you know other spa such original?

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