Kerala. Journey to the tradition and Ayurveda’s origin

Kerala in India, Tradition,  beaches and backwaters Legend tells that Kerala was born when  Parashurama,  avatar of the god Vishnu, who threw his ax into the sea, and from this appeared the fertile land in the midst of the waters. Its tropical climate tempered by the sea, between 24 to 28 degrees, a large coastline […]

Hotel Wellness area quality versus economic profitability

Hotel Wellness area quality versus economic profitability About 10 years ago to incorporate a wellness area in our hotel, was a clear competitive advantage. However in recent years there has been a boom in the world of hospitality, with respect to this area, causing the mere fact of having a spa is not a differentiator […]

Collective Buying Clubs. Hipersegmentation and social networks.

Collective Buying Clubs. HIpersegmentation and social networks. By now everyone knows the collective or group buying clubs, and more or less everybody has already done some shopping..     How this works? It is the sale of a product or service with a great discount on the regular price, this reduction is justified

The world’s most unique Spas. Design and relax

The world’s most unique spas. For thousands of years thermal water has been used as a source of health and wellness. In recent years the popularity that spa centers have suffered and the increase number of users, have led to many changes in the welfare sector.