7 Global Consumer Trends. How to attract new customers.

Having a super wide variety of services, a hight quality product and a friendly competent staff … but sometimes this is not enough. Do you know how to attract new customers and keep regulars? Have you ever wondered what your customers need and how you can offer it? Knowing the customers and anticipate them, may […]

What Spa means. Spa types and other curiosities

The uses of the word spa. SPA is fashionable word  and nowadays we can see it everywhere even in all the TV ads. It is used along with a shampoo, a dentist, a manicure, but  what SPA  means and where it comes from. Spa Hansar Bangkok In principle spa are establishments offering treatments, relaxation therapies […]

Kerala. Journey to the tradition and Ayurveda’s origin

Kerala in India, Tradition,  beaches and backwaters Legend tells that Kerala was born when  Parashurama,  avatar of the god Vishnu, who threw his ax into the sea, and from this appeared the fertile land in the midst of the waters. Its tropical climate tempered by the sea, between 24 to 28 degrees, a large coastline […]