6 tips to fill your wellness center in Summer

The hotel is filled ,  the beach burst, the pool loungers are reserved from early but our beautiful spa practically empty …

sauna calor

We a haver  heard the comment “Oh what a  heat, so I do not want anything to use the spa” … Sounds familiar? You want to increase profitability and revenues also your spa during warmer months. Continúa leyendo 6 tips to fill your wellness center in Summer

QR codes a range of possibilities for tourism

QR Codes is a practical marketing tool, very easy and very cheap
Taking “Tapas” in San Sebastian Bask Country and see the ingredients both in  French or English, find an original find a mosaic in the cobbled streets of Lisbon and  uploadded  tourist information and photos about the city, or visit the Miro Foundation and easy get  information about the work scope and the  painter … and all this just approaching your phone closer to a code to read it.  These are some of the advantages of the QR codes


There are many ways of relating to our client, but looking at consumer trends, we have to be especially outstanding those based on interaction with the mobile phone. Continúa leyendo QR codes a range of possibilities for tourism

Natural, green bio cosmetics. Different green labels

Questions about natural, green, bio cosmetics

The return to natural things and respect for the environment, have also penetrated the world of cosmetics. The natural and green cosmetics have come strongly to the market, which have been converted from a minor product to be a real trend in consumer habits, and with greater growth prospects than the traditional cosmetics. Even the big brands are targeting green cosmetics.

Faced with this avalanche of products, we have several questions,