What Spa means. Spa types and other curiosities

The uses of the word spa.

SPA is fashionable word  and nowadays we can see it everywhere even in all the TV ads. It is used along with a shampoo, a dentist, a manicure, but  what SPA  means and where it comes from.


Spa Hansar Bangkok

In principle spa are establishments offering treatments, relaxation therapies or systems, using water as the main basis. But we will see their true origin and  different types of Spa.

The use of the word Spa does not apply equally in Europe or  Arab countries,  where we have extensive experience in the world of balneotherapy, like  baths,  hamman … as in other areas ,such as the U.S. or Asia, where this word it is understood more as relaxation and beautty or body cares  and it is not necessary to use water treatments.

The English word spa also translates as hot tub or jacuzzi.

Its origins, today is unclear, there are two main explanations:

Spa. – Place name of the city of Spa in Belgium. It is a hot spring resort located in the province of Liege, famous for the curative properties of its waters since Roman times.

The second origin of the word, perhaps the most widespread, also dates back to Roman times and comes from the acronym SPA. – “Salut per Aqua” salus per aquam, sanus per aquam, Sanitas per aqua, salutis per aqua, saludis per aqua or Italian: Salute per l’acqua. This means getting health through water

In both cases, consists of the use of water at different temperatures applied for therapeutic purposes, soothing and healing. Whether through a circuit of different temperature pools, water jets, immersion in pools or showers.

Types SPA by type of water used. 

Depending on the type of water treatments us in our facilities, we can distinguish three types of spa.

  • Hot spring resort (balneario): with mineral water. In addition to the normal water application, themselves containing mineral water. Depending on their classification, are good for bone problems, kidney, respiratory and different skin diseases.
  • Thalasso: Seawater. As above, seawater feature that provides iodine and other minerals, thus achieving a much richer in water treatment
  • Spa: Water from the general supply network.

Different types of SPA in their characteristics, uses, location, types of treatment that are made:

  •     Hot spring resort .Normally they are far from the city, close to the source of mineral water.
  •     Thalasso spa, on the coast. Seaweed wraps and sea bathing
  •     Spa Day spa or urban. The most common, and also in cities in hotels. Shorter treatments both aesthetic and terapeutic, like massages, facials and manicures.
  •     Wellness Center. Have important sports areas.
  •     Spa hotel and spa resort. In   four and five star Hotels
  •     Spa   in luxury cruises. Spa are part of the supply of these great ships. You can do all kinds of treatments, they  are longer and relaxing treatments, because we have more time.
  •     Med spa or medical spa. There are a variety and perform anti age treatments, analysis and solution of trastornosdel sleep, nutrition counseling, bone disease, or sports injuries.        In Spain we have  a nice example  in the SHA Wellness Clinic.


spa crucero costa deliziosa

Spa at Costa Cruceros

But other types of emerging spa much more specific and in some cases in very original.

  •      Thai Spa and Ayurveda Spa. Very fashionable at the moment as Asia Gardens in Benidorm. We can find countless high quality centers across India.
  • Yoga Spas.
  • Ladies Spa. Exclusively for women.
  • Spa at the train station, and the station Termini in Rome. Terme a Termini
  • Spa at the Airport. Like Dubai, Sanghai, NY
  • In shopping centers, there are several spa centers within shopping centers  in Madrid and Valencia.

Recently a Spanish company has opened in New York a spa, ny Air ancient baths , it is more similar to the way we understand these centers in Spain. It has different pools at different temperatures, jets, contrasts, showers and etc.


                      New York Air SPA Photo

The company already runs several centers in Spain and Seville and Barcelona, in the style of Arab baths. And with this new foray into the Big Apple, has managed to bring to the city, the essence and tradition of the use of water for relaxation.

I hope this tradition both ancient Roman and then Arabic , in hot water use  for  relaxation and healing of some diseases continue to spread throughout the world. And  what do you think?

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