7 Global Consumer Trends. How to attract new customers.

Having a super wide variety of services, a hight quality product and a friendly competent staff … but sometimes this is not enough. Do you know how to attract new customers and keep regulars? Have you ever wondered what your customers need and how you can offer it?

Knowing the customers and anticipate them, may be the key to success to meet their needs. We will analyze the international consumer trends for this year.

slow phone

As Steve Jobs said, «Many times people do not know what they want until someone shows it.» Therefore it is very important to be informed and to study global consumer trends,  analyze the market, both our competence and international  hotels and SPA, listen to social networks, so as to be the last. Only then we can be prepared to anticipate and  surprise both our real  and potential customers, and  therefore  to attract and generating new  and loyal demand.

We find nowadays  more complex and contradictory consumers, who on one hand are attracted by luxury, while on  the other they are concerned about the environment and recycling. The main current consumer´s trends are:

1 The distance between having interest and buying online is reduced.

Very friendly  and very visually appealing websites, engine sales, advertising in the right time and place, possibility to purchase securely from your own phone … this promotes impulse buying and instant gratification.

Have you analyzed your website, your social media advertising,  are you able to  purchase or booking online?

2 . Healthy food. Concern for the diet.

The raise in obesity rates along with increased life expectancy,  have made that many people are   taken really serious the subject of healthy food, vegetarian food, ecological  food… but mostly just eat fine. People is demanding different menus with light or low calories food without some  allergenic components…

To curb childhood obesity present in many developed and some not developed countries, for example they are  carrying out awareness campaigns in USA.




3.Social Awareness and ecofriendly.

Ecological and sustainable products, bio certifications, committed social awareness in local development have reached all sectors of the economy from cosmetics and fashion to travel agencies and of course also to the hotel, etc.

Relaxing-Bird-Cage GREEN SPRING

kIt Green &Spring

4. Felling at home and community matters. 

Consumers seeks greater connectivity when consuming, and community-oriented activities ,  therefore there are trend: collaborative consumption, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding or crowdfunding, collective knowledge, collective buying

On the other hand our homes become important, cafes mimic the comfort of home, hotels seek to be at home and keep our routines. In our homes we are looking for smart homes, home automation and connectivity and internet of things.

5. Slow way of  Life, live more naif and happy

There is a search for balance in all our lives, balancing work and personal life. Stress, busyness and complexity of our lives take us to the need to find the lost comfort, at least,  in our leisure time. We crave a simpler and  happy lifestyle the trends are;  slow lifestyle (fashion, food, treatments …)


6. Attraction for luxury.

Consumption of luxury goods has been less affected by the crisis that other goods,this is  due to the affluent consumer, who generally have not modified  their habits of consumption and to other people who choose to indulge themselves.

The trend in both the younger people  and emerging countries is to consume luxury goods , as we saw in a survey conducted by the Japanese advertising agency Hakuhodo in 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, more than 50 % of of surveyed women, between  18 and  34 years old,  told that  when buying they have preference for luxury brands.



Sofitel Legend Old Catarac Egypt

7. An application for everything.

Today we can find an app for almost everything. The lifestyle of the millennials, the gaming, social networking, free messaging and of course the high presence and use of Smartphone and tablets.

For example the  application downloads by Apple devices in May 2013, reached 50 billion, which represent a staggering more than 7 applications for every person on the planet.


Now that you know a little more about the latest  consumer trends, you can adapt your product, improve your website, create an application, invest in luxury, or  join the ecofriendly style….

Find which of these trends goes better with your product and customer,

and let it rip. Tell us what ideas you suggested and what has been the result.


Source: TOP 10 GLOBAL CONSUMER TRENDS FOR 2014  Euromonitor


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