Collective Buying Clubs. Hipersegmentation and social networks.

Collective Buying Clubs. HIpersegmentation and social networks.

By now everyone knows the collective or group buying clubs, and more or less everybody has already done some shopping..



How this works? It is the sale of a product or service with a great discount on the regular price, this reduction is justified

by the large volume generated by the group purchase.

This website act as an intermediary between the company, looking to reach new markets or dispose of  stock , and the end customer. For this intermediation, they get back a high percentage of the sale price of the coupon.

In the last two or three years the number of online buying groups has increased considerably .The best known in Spain are Groupon o City Deal , groupalia, lets Bonus  and more recently  Planeo  from Prisa Group.
Other european or american  leaders are Groupon (Or CityDeal) a LivingSocial, Plum district or Cruch Base and Gilt City


This is a sector that will continue to grow, the trend leads the market to the hyper segmentation, ie dividing the market into niches and offer pages or purchase highly specialized, such as the purchase of pharmaceuticals, clubs Shopping for foreigners in their own language, outlets of renowned brands …

What makes this purchasing so atractive?
On one side, of course it’s beacausse of the price so cheap, but what prompts us to make the purchase, is the fact that units and/or time are limited. So we feel that if we don’t make the purchase right now, we may lose that opportunity . It is called, impulse purchase. 

“The phenomenon of collective buying is revolutionary.It’s not about moving to the network, They have stablished a way to buy itself, it is a new form of consumption. ” Digital Marketing Proffesor at ESADE Marc Cortés,

Also have emerged new models of online collective buying clubs which combines sales with social networks.

We can find reviews and information about the service or promotion, this will also influence the purchase decision. Monitor the reputation of our product in these pages will also be a new task to consider, by our managers or community manager.

Another trend that the clubs of discounts need to take into account, is the creation of applications for tablets and phones, as well as geolocation, allowing us to seek shopping proximity.

Opportunity for small business. Definitely consumption habits are changing and it is not just a passing trend, small businesses and spas should take this opportunity to offer their products through e-commerce different formulas.

But not everythong are beneffits, we  must take into account our profitability and off course the  quality of the service we provide. There’s son much to talk aboutI will expand more in next post.

Many times the service you get is not like the center usually provides . If you are a user of these sites tell us your experience. 

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