Gamification. Life is a Game

To reach your customer while queuing to check in the aircraft or practicing sports without disturbing them and even making  it also feels good  and motivated¡ It  seems complicated but it is not anymore, thanks to the gamification.

Gamificación is the application of game mechanics in non-recreational, to enhance motivation, concentration, effort, loyalty and other positive values common to all games.

angry birds                                                                              Angry Birds Game

According Bunchball l enterprise Gamificacion  is defined «Integrating game dynamics into your website, service, community, content or campaign, in order to encourage participation» manifest Gamificacion 101,

Through competition techniques, challenges and rewards, we improve customer engagement, build brand loyalty and used as occupational hygiene techniques, it  encourages the employees to reach high levels of production.

So as a marketing tool is a useful and novel strategy that uses elements of the game to connect, influence and motivate the audience or consumer, aided by the use of new technologies and social networks.

When talking about gamification it refers not only to the videogame, but if it is true that it’s  proliferation  in recent years,  it’s  more often use  in new mobile phones, and also by many different age segments. As well as arrival of new generations (digital natives) who they have grown in regular use of all types of game consoles and computers.  This causes most actions developed, are based on videogames aesthetics or rules.

The gamificación is structured on two closely interrelated concepts:

   1. Game mechanics:

The game mechanics  are different techniques and actions or control mechanisms we use to gamifying our product, service, etc…

  • Points: a way of denoting the achievement
  • Badges. They also serve to indicate that you’ve reached a grade level. For example the famous Foursquare
  • Levels: Encourages users to continue and try to level up.
  • Scoreboard: It is another way to create competition between users, which brings prestige to the top of the ranking.
  • Challenges: Go for the easiest to the most complicated
  • Charity or gifts. Give another player points or virtual money. As Farmville by Zinga


2. Game Dynamics

While the dynamics of the game are the motivations and desires that lead us to play, are many and varied, and they come from very old. And as you can see are closely related to the aforementioned mechanicals.

  • Status
  • Achievements and challenges
  • Self-expression
  • Competitiveness
  • Altruism


Thanks to connectivity and social networks, it’s added another motivation social and relational. Which  in fact becomes the prime motivation for 65% of the players.

But remember that gamification is integrating the game, in an action or event that usually is not. We may well with a little imagination, gamifiying  any activity you can think of, and with different  purposes.
It is used with great success in education, new therapies to correct unhealthy behaviors, diets, training programs, in the process of buying a plane ticket ..

It’s a trend yet to be developed. In the tourist industry we can combine gamificación with different marketing tools 2.0

What do you think. Do you think is another transient trend or  is here to stay?

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