6 tips to fill your wellness center in Summer

The hotel is filled ,  the beach burst, the pool loungers are reserved from early but our beautiful spa practically empty …

sauna calor

We a haver  heard the comment «Oh what a  heat, so I do not want anything to use the spa» … Sounds familiar? You want to increase profitability and revenues also your spa during warmer months.

Sometimes the high season in the hotel or the beaches, it is not so in our spas and especially for the water circuit. But with a little ingenuity and deals that cool, we can fill our circuits also when the heat is over.

My advice to  increase profitability and revenues of your SPA in Summer are: 

1. Lowering the  pool’s water temperature in summer.

Have you tried to drop only  a couple of degrees the temperature of the pool? You’ll get a cooler circuit spa, a comfortable room temperature and also significant savings in energy consumption.

2. Repairing treatments for summer.

Many  cosmetic providers offer during the hottest months special treatment to prepare the skin, or to repair the effects of sun. As refreshing Exotic Fruits of apricot, melon, mango and raspberry, Caroli Health or male facial after sun repair in Bliss Barcelona W Hotel.

3. Various types of spa circuit.

Show your clients different ways of enjoying the spa circuit, looking to provide temperature contrasts and the journey always ends in the most refreshing areas such as; polar pool, ice fountain, cold mist shower light … You’ll feel your legs and your circulation and blood return will thank .

4.  Colorful Renew your Manicures and pedicures.

Summer is the time of year when  the feet is   most shown, people are tan, dress in a cheerful way … they crave bright colors. Renew your colorful manicure equipment, nail nailstaff  with trendy colors such as porcelain colors Dior, OPI or the shrimp fashion colors such as Violet Tulip, Freesia or yellow egg.



5. Night SPA Circuit.

After sundown,  the temperatures are a bit chilly and our spa circuit is an attractive proposition for a couple or for a group of friends who want to relax, especially with romantic candlelight and good company. Summer is a great time to enjoy a night dip in so different and charming places as in the natural hot springs of Orense (termas naturales de Orense) or   in the spa of the monastery of Stone, (monasterio de Piedra) Zaragoza.

6. Providing a cool, colorful and economic beverage.

If you normally offer a drink to your customers in the waiting area or relax, renew it with the arrival of summer and offer a refreshing drink as an iced tea or cold water, but you can be original. Fill a jar with water and lots of ice and put in a few pieces of fruit in bright colors, some sprigs of mint …


agua fresca



If you’ve tried any of these tips or know of others that you enjoyed,

share it with us … And Happy and Cool Summer 


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