5 easy tools to capture external or not hotel guest to our Spa

Breaking barriers and attracts local audiences.

In these times our mission is to maximize revenue and profit from our facilities. This becomes  crucial being capable  to get to the local public of our cities.

All centers and spas have their challenges as the Hotel-Spa or Resort SPA, are no exception. The greater difficulty is to  attract local customer or non-hosted customers, who in many cases does not even know we have a spa or is overcomed by a luxurious and inaccessible hotel entrance .

1. Make our hotel accessible. Soften the physical and psychological architectural barriers from our hotel.

Think of the entrance to a hotel, luxurious, with a doorman and a revolving door and probably a grand staircase.

All these elements that convey luxury and good image to our hotel, can be a barrier for non-hosted clients who are overwhelmed.

Also in many hotels  the spa is on the top floor or basement.

                    Six Senses Spa, Hotels Arst Barcelona, 42nd and 43rd plants

It is therefore very important:

  • Place outdoor items that indicate the presence of the spa. Do not forget that in many cases they access from the parking lot.
  • Train the  staff who are first contact with the customer to be   prepared to identify the spa client, and make them feel comfortable and help them to find the spa.
  • Signs. Flag correctly  the spa inside the hotel.

2. Gift Certificates

Sign up for this trend of giving and sharing experiences. Make beautiful gift vouchers, either with treatment or by a specific amount.

Prepare gift vouchers for different times of the year, such as Valentine’s, Christmas or Mother’s Day.

Give your bonds through commercial department to selected local firms or clients.

3. Health club Spa

Have you thought about your facilities?  You have a great pool, a gym that is not bad,  changing rooms…and it is empty most of the day

Caroli Health Club in Valencia, in the Hotel Westin Valencia

You can create an exclusive members club for a price and a number of partners, taking care of  the satisfaction of the partner and of course your hotel Guest

4. Attractive packages along with other Hotel amenities

Normally as we have decided to spend the morning or afternoon at the spa, we like to take more time and do some other activity.

Creat attractive packages that differentiate you from the competition , and  make our guest  enjoy a  unique experience, with servicesas spa, lunch or dinner in our restaurant, a glass of champagne,  a golf course, a workshop, a wine tasting, an art exhibition or any other activity that may be attractive.

5. Web pages and collective purchase discount

If getting to the audience of your city,is still difficult,  you can always go to the portals of collective buying, Groupon and flash sales, Groupalia, lets bonus, last minute .. You can see more in my post. “Collective buying and social networks”

You must provide an advantageous price and they  will get a big commission, but you can reach a wide audience, and gain new customers.

Once you have managed to reach the customer, it’s your mission to get their satisfaction, get his loyalty to return and above all, he will recomend your center.

Tell us your experiences and opinions, as spa center or a user

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