FITUR 2013. Innovation, technology and budget cuts.


From January 30th to February 3rd was the thirty-third edition of the International Tourism Fair FITUR 2013, the most important event of the Spanish tourism sector in Madrid, under the title “All destinations, all businesses”

The fair this year has started investing in innovation and technology, measures to tackle the crisis. For the first time, you could download the Fitur application, visit the bathroom of the future, the Balearic”stand paperless”  or take a salsa class with virtual reality.

With a participation of 8979 companies and presence of 167 countries, with some important absences such as France or Chile and spread across eight pavilions, pavilion less than previous years. The exhibitors were able this year to replace the cuts with innovation, technology and imagination.

For our comfort being visitors, we had this year for the first time with the Fitur app, for mobile phone or tablet, where there’s  information about the event, plans and catalogs of exhibitors as well as information about the different conference.

Within the workshops and seminars for professionals also we found a wide range in the different sections, B2B FITUR, FITUR Know How & Export, Fiturgreen, Fitur LGTB (lesbian, gay, transgender and bixexuales) and talks that took place both  in and Fitur Tech’s talks.


The Hotel Technology Institute (ITH), presented along with the design study of  Serrano Brothers  a prototype of the Future Hotelroom, where collaborating firms like Microsoft, Toshiba, Bang & Olufsen, PayTouch, Rock, and Guardian Glass with technological advances. The room of the future attempts to respond to the future needs of the host, especially in technology, as well as those caused by hotel management.

                                                             Prototype  of bathroom .  Roca

Returning to the stands of different countries and regions,  this year noted for its innovation:

The Balearic stand or “paperless” a virtual tour and pictures to 360 degrees or experience tunnel.

                                      Visit the spanish princes to Balearic stand.

Baleares has decided to go for a responsible tourism that respects the environment, and so wanted to represent his stand at FITUR. As a virtual agency, which have replaced the usual brochures, for interactive displays and making a gesture as simple as sending information via e-mail has been avoided cutting about 638 trees, consuming 1.5 million kw of energy or the emission of 137 tons of CO2 greenhouse gas.

Very remarkable and fun Colombia  stand and it’s  virtual reality. The country has committed fully to make themselves known in Fitur, with a stand of over 700 square meters, and offering visitors using virtual reality, real experiences.
We could enjoy from a bike ride through the parks, to a salsa class or an exciting boat ride through the rapids. You can see the image at the beginning of the post.  Also through a plastic wrist, you could share the experience through your Facebook contacts.

Despite cuts, a lower number of visitors, once again technology, innovation and adaptability to the changing environment is presented as the only solutions to remain at the forefront of world tourism.

 If you come to Fitur and tasted this or other experience, tell us your opinion

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