Valentine’s day an opportunity to our hotel, spa or restaurant business

As each February at this point of the month comes the dreaded Valentine’s Day and we face the question of what to do this year. Whether you are someone who love this day as if you think a commercial development, surely you’ll appreciate a perfume created especially for you, a hot chocolate massage or a trip to a spa hotel in the middle of the cold snow.

So as managers of our hotel, spa and beauty centers, we should not miss this opportunity to create a tempting offer to publicize our businesses to reach local customers, to break the seasonality of winter, to raise awareness the food in our restaurant or to end product stock you had stored …

So get to work, let’s do something different and put a romantic note in our routine work.

Everybody is looking for an original gift, make our product look  romantic.

Why not give a personalized perfume , made special just for you. In New York you can find several places that  offers the possibility of giving an exclusive perfume .  The Fragrance Shop New York, stocks over 300 oils ranging from spicy to sweet and floral which custom scents, shaving soaps and after-shaves. The artesanal shop Herbal Alchemy in Brooklyn it’s another option where you can choose from among over 100 essential oils and organic ingredients, and get 4 ounce of perfume at about  $125.

A box of chocolates? The Babor cosmetics firm, found in beauty salons and spas in some of the most exclusive hotels,  has created this Valentine’s kit, which mimics a box of chocolates. It costs about 45 € in Spain, including an oil and a cleansing milk, anti-aging care cream (Deluxe Ultimate Anti-aging Cream) and mascara (Mascara Vollume & Definition).

Taking this original idea, we can make our products with a basket or box cosmetidos original. With a nice wrap or ribbon. It is a solution to eliminate stock, and output some products.

Why not a romantic getaway? The options are countless wonderful hotels with spa circuits, whether in rural or urban.

Like this romantic city break in Valencia Spain, it includes  romantic dinner in the room,late breakfast, relaxing spa circuit…

                                                           Hotel Primus Valencia

Another example is the very complete package Stay & Love of Derby hotels in various cities such as Madrid and Barcelona and of course Paris, the city of love, and that includes the room with a chocolate dipped strawberries, a bottle of French champagne or a romantic bath with  salts and rose petals.

                    Bank Hotel. Paris

The most original idea I’ve found, for the more daring. Consists of erotic costumes to celebrate the weekend with friends in a rural SPA, the hotel is  Spa Rural Ars Vivendi in Toledo. Spain.

For more modest economies, we can always offer deals in your own city. Through the pages of collective buying, flash offers  we can offer very succulent discounts.

Circuit spa for two, a chocolate massage to candlelight … You can even offer some private time with a private spa or jacuzzi and finally a glass of wine.

You can promote your Valentine’s pack in last, spa finder, spaweek … and many more. The options for creating original packets are endless, as many as your imagination can create. Take advantage of the excuse and organizes a workshop, a romantic citybreak or a  sensual dinner  and enjoy Valentine’s Day

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