Vine the new trendy marketing videosharing toll

Since over a month  when Twitter launched it’s new application Vine,, we have heard a lot about it. This is  social video sharing like You tube, but the new thing is this app lets you record and share videos on twitter, facebook  and on the page itself.


All of us that are using the microblogging are used to reduce our messages up to 180 characters, but with this new tool we will have to be be able to make an advertising campaign   in just six seconds.

Vine Vine is the incorporation of the video in the Twitter’slanguage, is comparable to instagram, but in this case instead photos, it uses  videos.

This new application allows users to record and share short films, a maximum of 6 seconds, with or without sound. The video run continuously,  at the end of each video  it automatically repeats again from the beginning.

How do I make the video?

Recording this videos is simple, the only limitations are,  first download  the application and right now It’s only available in the iTunes App Store for devices that work with iOS operating system, but will soon be available for other systems,  can only use   140 characters per tweet  and of course the 6 seconds of video length.

The content may be published on the page of Vine and through social networks facebook or twitter, so you can achieve much more widespread.

But how a short playback images can be used as a marketing tool. The video is used as visual storytelling, related to the concept of branding and engagement but off course simplifying the message. We must be able to present our story with only six seconds of image.

As popular wisdom says «a picture is worth a thousand words», with our short videos created with imagination and ingenuity, we can offer  an accurate, simple image, showing only what we thnk it id importsnt  to the audience.

Toyota has been the pioneer in using it, but other multinational companies like Gap and are encouraging their use.

Using Vine in your online promotional campaigns, generate much conversation and searches around your brand,you can even create viral videos, this will also help you in your SEO and marketing strategies.



I add another example of twitter profile General Electric, which I found fun and educational

It’s Thomas Edison’s 166th birthday! # IWantToInvent

It’s Thomas Edison’s 166th birthday! #IWantToInvent

general electrics


What do you expect to create a short video presentation of your company, an idea or a product, and make it roll like a wheel?


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